Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thousands of Snow Geese

I have lived in the area for a couple of decades and the normal thing around here are Canadian Geese. For the previous 2 years we have had small flocks of snow geese landing in our fields. This year we had THOUSANDS of snow geese land! Unlike Canadian geese these white smaller guys are VERY noisy! And this mass group also started walking toward the tree line en mass while quacking. WHAT NOISE! And unlike their cousins, who stay for hours, they only stayed for 20 minutes.

Hours later my dog found wandering around our horse pen by itself. Must have have gotten lost because it didn't look hurt.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Every Child Must Rebel

And Willow rebelled last night. The neighbor over the hill called and said she couldn't put her blind dog outside because Willow was in her yard. Now what she thought Willow was going to do to the do I don't know. So my husband dropped me off but after the woman, who happened to be our cousin, had chased Willow around she was too frightened to come home with me and ran further into the woods! I gave up and started the 3/4 mile walk home in the dark. About 1/2 way home I look across the road and Willow is following me. Deer can't see well but they can hear. She knew every moment where I was. So I took off through the fields until we reached our fields. When she saw our wire fences she knew "home" and took off for the front porch. She hasn't left our sight all day today. I'm sure some scary lady yelling at her was no fun. Wish teenagers learned their lessons so easily!