Monday, March 22, 2010

Ideas for Crates Part 2 Floor Storage

Crates make great storage and display pieces all in one. Use as is like shown in the first picture. For this look you can use 2 of any size. In the second picture they have used newer wine crates but you can use older crates for a more weathered look. In the last 2 pictures they have been modified with casters for rolling storage. Rolling crates will also be great for use at a party. Line with a plastic bag and fill with cans of soda.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ideas for Crates Part 1 Shelves

I am going to do several posts with pictures for ideas of what you can do with crates. I have taken these from the net. What I would really LOVE is for those that have bought crates from me to send me pictures. I have heard some TERRIFIC ideas.

This 1st picture is a great look. I sell loads of crates but I have yet to come across a load of similar crates.

The middle picture is fantastic look. Switch out the cutting boards and you can use this look in any room. The lower crate is a dairy crate, probably Borden's, and has a metal bottom. The other crate is a produce crate.

The last picture is either wine crates or produce crates.

You can look me up anytime on etsy and send me your pictures. I would love to see them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beautiful Willow is Gone

Willow, our deer, is gone. She has been released into a local state park to go run with the other deer. We figured she would wander off on her own as we never caged her but it didn't happen. We would have loved to have had her stay longer but one of the neighbors over the hill claimed she was terrified of this sweet creature and threatened to shoot her. At least we know she is in a safe place.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Packaging of Mason Jars or any glass item

Many times I get a note with my Etsy orders saying "Please pack carefully because I have received broken Mason jars from other sellers." OR "How do you pack your jars?"

So instead of folks worrying I thought I would send them to my blog to answer the questions they might have.

Your jars will arrive safely unless the mailman decides to roll over it with his car. I can ship you 4 jars or 20 jars at a time and they will arrive safely. Here is how it is done. Each is individually bubble wrapped. Then placed in a layers of peanuts taking care that peanuts are between each jar. This continues until I have packed your jars. I don't squish your jars into a small box. I get a larger box if needed and use more peanuts. There is NO movement in the box when I ship. Your box is also insured.

PLEASE! No More Snow!

This is the amount of snow I remember as a kid but everything seemed large as a kid. This winter the white stuff isn't going away and every time it comes it comes up to our knees! It is no fun trekking out to barn in this stuff. I am looking forward to Spring because Willow eats nonstop and she needs some green stuff so I can stop feeding her all day. The next day our snowman and dog had already started to melt and Willow had eaten the buttons and eyes off. Nothing lasts in our yard!