Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chickens! What's wrong with them? or is it me.

We have 6 chickens and Daisy Duck. I am SO glad we have Daisy. She lets us know where everyone is because she is always quacking. But she is one happy duck when it rains and she gets a puddle to take a dip in.

But our chickens! Why won't they lay their eggs in the nesting boxes?! They are only 4 months old but the boxes would making it easy for them and us. At first it was eggs where ever. On the barn floor or the coop floor. Now it is in the hay loft! The loft is really hot and it is very hard to find eggs up there. And hay hurts to crawls around in and the poo is disgusting!

The coop is so nice and inviting, why are they using it??


  1. Your chickens are adoreable!!!! And the picture is very lovely, I can't answer why they wont lay their eggs there, but I wouldn't mind having fresh eggs every morning no matter where they were laid! xoxo Carol

  2. P.S. Love your new template!!! It's soooo You!