Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Summer Days

For weeks the days have been really warm!! They start out really foggy and my daughter has to get her early morning practice in the soup.
I can't imagine being the farmer sitting inside the enclosed tractor! Tractors aren't an unusual sight but usually we don't have many enclosed ones in the area.


  1. Hey, just wondering if it is your daughter that is jumping the horse; I jump as well! I went to college for English training for a short time, before I decided it was too expensive. Anyway, thought it was cool to find another Etsy seller that was connected to horses somehow. Have a great day!


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  3. My daughter's horse just learned how to jump and every jump is exciting. My retired horse and I just watch. We do the shows and really love the horse crowd. We don't do the A rated costly and not always as friendly of a group.