Monday, March 1, 2010

Packaging of Mason Jars or any glass item

Many times I get a note with my Etsy orders saying "Please pack carefully because I have received broken Mason jars from other sellers." OR "How do you pack your jars?"

So instead of folks worrying I thought I would send them to my blog to answer the questions they might have.

Your jars will arrive safely unless the mailman decides to roll over it with his car. I can ship you 4 jars or 20 jars at a time and they will arrive safely. Here is how it is done. Each is individually bubble wrapped. Then placed in a layers of peanuts taking care that peanuts are between each jar. This continues until I have packed your jars. I don't squish your jars into a small box. I get a larger box if needed and use more peanuts. There is NO movement in the box when I ship. Your box is also insured.

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