Monday, March 15, 2010

Ideas for Crates Part 1 Shelves

I am going to do several posts with pictures for ideas of what you can do with crates. I have taken these from the net. What I would really LOVE is for those that have bought crates from me to send me pictures. I have heard some TERRIFIC ideas.

This 1st picture is a great look. I sell loads of crates but I have yet to come across a load of similar crates.

The middle picture is fantastic look. Switch out the cutting boards and you can use this look in any room. The lower crate is a dairy crate, probably Borden's, and has a metal bottom. The other crate is a produce crate.

The last picture is either wine crates or produce crates.

You can look me up anytime on etsy and send me your pictures. I would love to see them!


  1. i LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!
    totally stealing it

  2. Glad you found some useful ideas! I just posted some more.