Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Litte Break from the Typical Work

Too hot to do much of anything lately and not enough rain so I spend a LOT of time watering and in the garden taking care of things. In the first picture I got the homemade trellis at an estate sale.  

In the last picture is an antique lawn jockey. I have had a few of these in travels. Google and see the interesting history on these. This little man isn't too old (40's) and his electric has been cut so he isn't too expensive. A true original will be over $1000. There is a milk can with original paint in front of the door. My cats use that to peer in the window and let me know they are home. On the right is a 6ft bench I "rescued" from a barn and a barrel with a wandering jew on it. 

The barrel is an item I will ship from my etsy shop but the other items are pickup items due to size. 

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