Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Western Electric Phone Ma Bell

The joy of my job, being out on the road and hunting for treasures, is that I get to bring home whatever suits my fancy for the day. Yesterday it was phones. Actually, I have been looking at phones for awhile. I grew up with the original Ma Bell phone even though it was the 80s. WOW! As a teen that was an awful phone. Cool to look at and I always loved the rotary dial sound but it was heavy and the pointed handle meant I couldn't talk for hours. I also loved the ringer! 

Theses are 2 different model 302s. The top phone is made out of thermoplastic with a bakelite handle. The bottom phone is steel with a very hard rubber handle. Both are early 50s. Both can be found at:

 If you are old enough to remember Ma Bell would charge her customers $4 a month to rent these phones. I think that is about $50 in today's money. Can you imagine?!

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