Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love my job!

This is the time of year that I really start to enjoy my job. The townwide yard sales start. One of my favorite towns is a historic town called Hackettswtown in NJ. Over 150 years old with beautiful well kept old homes. 

One of the homes on this rainy sale day had a sign that said "sale under porch." My problem was I got sidetracked by the overpowering flower smell. I didn't even notice the nice lady sitting in her stone porch screened-in alcove. I just had to find that smell! There were so many flowers to try smelling. Flowers I didn't recognize, lilacs, rhodos and then the owner popped out to check me out! I was too busy looking for right flower to be embarrassed. The owner sweetly pointed out the Lily of the Valley which at the height of 4" I easily missed.  She explained that the flower had come from her grandmother and that her husband had spent years creating their heritage garden. It looked like Eden. 

The linens I bought from her were just a nice bonus. I also bought that day a suitcase and crate but what I really wanted was a Lily of the Valley plant.

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